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There are four tabs on the settings screen, each of which is discussed below in its own section.


The general tab holds three main settings. First, the default locale, which can be over ridden by the per field locale setting on the pivot table screen. Next, the file and table information, which can be updated to show the table occurrences in the relationships tab of the define databases of CC Pivot, as described in the integration section of this help document. There is also the option to change the default language for the summary sections. This would primarily be important for deploying to different languages". If you make any changes here you would need to click the "Update" button to apply them system wide. And, finally, the data formats section where new data formats can be entered for selection. You can see the data Fields section above for more information on the format expected here.

Styling (Paid Version Only)

The styling tab hold all the CSS styling for the pivot table styling options. All the CSS is in one text box for easy copy and paste from an external editor if you choose.

Javascript (Paid Version Only)

If you wish to perform any javascript on the data as it is returned for better formatting or handling, you can enter it here. We have some sample code here which allows us to format alternating rows nicely and a few other things. You need not edit this, but it is available to you. This is a fairly powerful option, so remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Advanced (Paid Version Only)

This tab allows you to modify the default settings for data parsing and display. The separators are exposed here on the offhand chance our default separators "|*|*|", "|**|" and"|*END" are present in your data. One additional note, to help us continuously improve the performance of the system, the system is setup to periodically send anonymous usage information to us. If you wish to opt out of this, there is a check box on this screen to do so.


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