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This version of CC Pivot requires FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go version 14 or higher, Mac, Windows or iOS.


  1. Have FileMaker Pro 14, or FileMaker Advanced 14, installed on each computer that will be using CC Pivot. For iOS you will need FIleMaker Go version 14 or higher installed on a compatible iOS device.
  2. If you plan to have CC Pivot hosted on a server located within your organization, you will need to have either FileMaker Server 14 installed on that server.
  3. Download CCPivot 3 from Cleveland Consulting. It is available compressed as a zip file or as a uncompressed Filemaker Pro .fmp12 file for direct installation on iOS devices.
  4. For the compressed file, double-click on the downloaded file. Depending on the program you use to decompress the file, you will be asked where you want to store the decompressed file. Choose a convenient location.
  5. Where to locate the CC Pivot 3 file.
    1. If CC Pivot 3 will just be used by one person on one computer, store the CC Pivot file on that computer.
    2. CC Pivot can be used as a multi-user file. That is, the file will be physically located in one place, and all of the people who will use it will access the file there. This can be done in one of two ways. It can be hosted using FileMaker Server, or "peer-to-peer" using just FileMaker Pro on a desktop computer. We highly recommend using FileMaker Server.
    3. Hosting using FileMaker Server.
      1. If you only want access to CC Pivot 3 from within the physical location of your organization, you can host the files on a local server or a server hosted externally. If you want to be able to access CC Pivot from outside your building you need to be sure that whatever server you use it has access to the internet. This would automatically be true if you used an external hosting service, but could also be configured on a local server.
      2. More information on hosting databases on FIleMaker server can be found here:
  6. Making CC Pivot available to its users.
    1. Security. CC Pivot comes completely unlocked. The administrator of the program will need to create "privilege sets" for the various groups of people you will have access to CC Pivot. You will also need to create "accounts" with usernames and passwords for all people who will use the system. More information on FileMaker security is available here:

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