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Welcome to CC NonProfit Free

This system can help you manage a number of the essential functions in your non-profit organization. It can help you keep track of the people connected with your organization, whether they are members, volunteers, employees, donors, or the people served. You can keep track of donations to your group, track events and the people who participate, and generate reports on many of the aspects of your organization.

Standard Version

In addition to the features in this free version the standard version gives you greater ability to track and automate functions of your organization. In addition to tracking donations, the standard version lets you track pledges and lets you match donations to those pledges. It also gives you the ability to send customized mailings to targeted lists of your contacts. The standard version also has a much larger list of pre-defined reports, giving you more tools to analyze your organization's performance.

To learn more about the standard version of CC NonProfit, go to the standard version's Help pages, or to purchase the standard version, go to our website at or contact us at

Take our Survey -- Please!

Tell us how CC NonProfit is working for you. Take our survey and tell us what your organization does, how you're using CC NonProfit, what's working well for you and what could be improved.

Custom Work

Please feel free to contact Cleveland Consulting for information about customizing the standard version of CC NonProfit for your organization's needs, or about other templates, enhancements, and custom solutions. We specialize in creating custom software using FileMaker Pro. Contact us at

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