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In the Standard version of CC NonProfit, when you click on "Donations and Pledges" from the menu on the left on the Home screen, you will see "Donations" and "Pledges" columns in the right-hand panel. These columns list all of the donations and pledges you have recorded in CC NonProfit, with the most recent at the top. Any donations or pledges that have been entered on the Contacts screen will show up here, as well as donations or pledges that you enter from this section.

In the Free version of CC NonProfit, the main menu section will read "Donations," and when it is selected you will see all of the donations to your organization listed in the right-hand panel.

Funds and Accounts

Your organization may want to keep track of donations and pledges by different funds or accounts. For instance, you may have a Building Fund, or a Haiti Relief Fund, separate from your General Fund, to which people can contribute. In CC NonProfit these are called "Funds" (although you can change the name in the Settings). To set up these Funds in CC NonProfit, and to have them available for recording donations and pledges, go to the Settings section from the Home screen.


Recording a New Donation

  1. From the Home screen select "Donations and Pledges" from the menu on the left. In the panel on the right, click on the Add button below the "Donations" column. This will take you to a single "Donation" screen, that will allow you to record various bits of information about that donation. This information will let you track your donations by various categories, from a simple date range, to your specialized funds, to matching pledges. However, we want to emphasize that beyond recording the Contact who made the donation and the amount, all of the information is completely optional. Your organization should keep track of the information that is useful to you, and not feel any need to enter information into boxes that isn't useful. With that said, here is what the boxes on this screen mean and how to use them.
  2. In the blank "Donation" screen, begin by selecting the Contact who has made the donation. Do this by clicking into the "Contact" box.
    1. A "Select Contact" window will pop up that will list all of the contacts in the system, including both individuals and groups. You can scroll through this list to select the contact for this donation. Click on the contact's name to make your selection. As soon as you click on the name the window will close and that contact's name will be entered into to Contact box on the Donation screen.
    2. When you organization has many people listed in its Contacts, it will become inefficient to scroll through all of the names to find the one you want. Click in the Search box, (the white oval area at the top of the Select Contacts window), to reduce the list to a manageable number. Enter a few characters of the person's first or last name (or of the group's name), and then press the Tab key, or just click outside the search box. The Select Contact window will show just the names that match the characters you entered. Click on the name you want to select.
    3. If your search does not find the Contact who has made the donation you want to record, then you can add that Contact by clicking on the Add button at the bottom of the Select Contact window.
      1. Another window will pop up that will let you enter the name of the new Contact for the system. As soon as you click OK in this New Contact window that Contact will be entered on your Donation screen.
  3. Enter the amount of the donation in the "Amount" box. The system will automatically enter the Dollar sign, and add decimal places if you didn't enter them, so you don't have to type these yourself.
  4. The system assumes that the Date of the donation is today's date. If that's correct you can leave it. If not, click in the "Date" box at the right-hand corner of the box and a calendar will pop up. Navigate to the actual date of the donation and click on that date to enter it into the Date box.
  5. The "Type" box is to record what type of donation you are recording, whether Cash, Check, or Credit Card. Again, click at the right side of the Type box to bring up a list of these possibilities.
    1. If you select "Check" as the Type, you will see two other boxes appear that allow you to record the Date of the check and the check number.
  6. Below a line on the screen are a collection of boxes which you may use to help group this donation with others that you receive. First is the "Account" box. If your organization wants to keep track of donations by multiple funds this is where you would store the information. Click on the Account box to bring up the list of funds that have been entered under the Settings section of the program.
    1. In the "Select Account" window that will pop up, click on the fund to which this donation has been given. It will be entered in the Account box.
    2. If a fund you want to associate is not listed, you can add it. Click on the Add button, enter the Fund's name in the new window that pops up, and then click OK.
  7. The "Pledge" box lets you associate the gift with an existing pledge (Standard version only). Click on the Pledge box.
    1. A small dialog box will pop up asking if you want to "Show all pledges or filter pledges for this contact."
      1. If you want to see all pledges, click the "All" button. You might want to see all pledges, for instance, if you want to associate a donation from an individual with a pledge made to your organization from another group that this individual is a member of. Click on the pledge you want to associate with this donation.
      2. Click the "Filtered" button to just see the pledges made by this contact. Here again, to select a pledge, click on it. (If no list of pledges appears in a window then there are not yet any pledges in the system for that Contact.)
  8. The "Event" box lets you associate the donation with an event, such as an auction or a dinner. Later you will then be able to track to total amount of donations associated with that event. Click on the box to bring up a window of the events in your system. Click on the event to enter it on the Donation screen.
    1. If the event you want to link to the donation is not listed, you can add it by clicking the Add button. This will bring up another window in which you can enter the name of the event. When you click OK the event will be entered on the Donation screen.
  9. Similarly, the "Publication" box lets you associate this particular donation with a publication of your organization (Standard version only). (The term "publication" is used very broadly in this system to mean any written communication between your organization and other individuals or groups.) For instance, you may want to track the effectiveness of a fundraising letter by tracking the donations made in response to it. Click on the Publication box to bring up the list of publications currently in the system. If the one you want is listed, click on it to enter it onto the Donation screen.
    1. You can enter a new publication directly from the "Select Publication" window. Click on the Add button at the bottom of the window to add the name of a new publication. Clicking the OK button will link that publication with the donation you are recording.
  10. The "Notes" box at the bottom of the Donation screen lets you make any other comments about this donation not already captured somewhere else.
  11. From this Donation screen you can add a new donation by clicking on the "New Donation" button in the gray Status Bar at the top of the screen.

Linking to other parts of CC NonProfit

Once you have entered information on the Donation screen you can jump to connected parts of the system. Click on the orange triangle next to a box to go to the details for that box. You can do this to see the details of this Contact, and the Pledge, the Event, and the Publication associated with the donation. Use the back arrow in the Status Bar to come back to this screen.

Revising a Donation

  1. From the Home screen, when you have selected the "Donations and Pledges" menu, you will see the list of all donations. To revise a particular donation select it from the list, and then make any changes you wish.
  2. You can change any item you selected from a popup window by clicking again in the box you want to change and making a different selection.
  3. If you want to want to remove a selection completely, click on the "x" in the red circle to the right of that box. You can do this for the Account, Pledge, Event, or Publication.
  4. In the Standard version, if someone makes a change to the Donation amount, a dialog box will ask for the reason for the change.
    1. At the bottom of the screen, on a tab labeled "Change Log," you can see a record of any changes made to the donation amount, listing the date and time of the change, what the change was, the account name of the person making the change, and the reason given for the change. (This feature in the Standard version provides a measure of internal control for your organization.)

Deleting a Donation

  1. From the Home screen, when you have selected the "Donations and Pledges" menu, you will see the list of all donations. To delete a particular donation select it from the list, taking you back to the single Donation screen.
  2. Click on the "Delete Donation" button in the gray Status Bar at the top of the screen. Confirm your intention to delete the donation and the donation will be permanently removed from the system.

"Add to Contact List" button (Standard version 2.2 only)

  1. The "Add to Contact List" button allows you to add a found set of Contacts to a new or existing Contact List from this Donations screen.
  2. Before selecting this button, do a Find to gather a list of Donation records whose Contacts you want to add to a Contact List (creating a "found set").
  3. After you have your set of Donations, select the "Add to Contact List" button. A list of your existing Contact Lists will be presented in a small window.
  4. If you want to add your found set of Contacts to an existing list, click on the name of that list. The found records will be added to the list, without adding any Contacts to the Contact List that are already present.
  5. If you want to create a new Contact List with this found set of Contacts, click on the Add button at the bottom of the "Select Contact List" window. A new window will open allowing you to give your new list a name.
    1. When you click "OK" your new Contact List will be created and your found set of Contacts will be added to it.


Pledges are only available in the Standard version of CC NonProfit.

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