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An "Event" can be any event that your organization wants to keep track of, or to link other things with. For instance, events might be each church service, or particular fundraising dinners. You can use CC NonProfit to keep track of the people who attend an event, the pledges or donations that come from that event, publications linked to it, and tasks for it.

Creating a New Event

  1. Start from the Home screen and click on "Events and Tasks" in the left panel. The right-hand panel will then show two columns: Events and Tasks.
  2. Click on the Add button at the bottom of the Events column, to be taken to a blank "Event" screen.
  3. Type in a "Name" for the event. Add a "Description" if you want it.
  4. On the "Start" line, click in the right side of the first box to get a popup calendar to enter the start date of the event. You can also just type in the date.
  5. Click in the box beside the Start date to enter the start Time, if you wish.
  6. Similarly, enter the End date and time in the next row.
  7. Tabs at the bottom of the screen
    1. Each tab represents other areas that may be linked to this event, such as pledges, donations, publications, attendance and tasks.
      1. Note: The tab labels are determined by the names in the Settings section under "Custom Labels and Graphics." They are arranged on the tabs by a field in the Settings table called "event_tabs_c." This field is currently set to use global storage, in order to display properly when you go into Find mode on this layout. However, set as global storage, the field will not update the name of the label if you change the name in the Settings section. To force it to change, you need to change the field to a standard field, and then change it back again to global storage. To do this go to File > Manage. Choose "Database" from the sub menu. Go to the Fields tab and change the table to Settings. Select the "event_tabs_c" field, and choose the Options button. In the lower right hand corner select the "Storage Options" button. In the Storage Options dialog box, note that the box for Global Storage is checked. Click on the box for "Do not store calculation results -- recalculate when needed." Click the OK button three times to accept this change and exit the Manage Database window. The label should now have changed to your new name in Settings. Then repeat this process, only changing the field back to global storage, to again make it available in Find mode.
    2. Pledges to your organization that resulted from this event can be listed in the Pledges section (Standard version only). To add a pledge from this screen click on the Add button to the right of the tab section. You will be taken to a new Pledge screen with this event filled in. Fill in the rest of the information on the Pledge screen. For help filling it in, see the Pledges Help section.
      1. Click the Back arrow in the Status Bar to return to this Event.
    3. To enter a new Donation for this event, click on the "Donations" tab. Click on the Add button.
      1. Fill in the information on the new Donation screen. (The Event will already be filled in for you.) For help filling in the Donation screen see the Donations Help section.
    4. Publications linked to this event will be listed on the Publications tab (Standard version only).
    5. The Attendance tab lets you list all of the people who attended your event. To add people click on the Add button.
      1. A dialog box will ask, "Do you want to add a single contact or all of the members of a Contact List?" Choose "Single," "List," or "Cancel."
      2. If you choose "Single" the "Select Contact" window will pop up, letting you select a single person or group contact to add. You can add a new Contact to the system by clicking the Add button in the bottom of this window, typing the name, and clicking OK.
      3. If you choose "List" you will be shown the Contact Lists currently in the system. Clicking on a List will add the members of that List individually to your event.
        1. Theoretically you can add a new list with the Add button. But note that this will just create a name for the Contact List and not select any members for it. Clicking OK will not add anyone to your event. In this instance, it is best to create your Contact List before you want to add that list to an event.
      4. Note that CC NonProfit will not check to see if you have already added the same person to your list of attendees to the event. For instance, if you add person A to the list individually, and then add Contact List B, where individual A is a member of the List, you will end up with person A repeated as an attendee. You can use the blue trash can icon to remove such duplicates.
    6. Tasks tab. You can link tasks to this event. Click on the Tasks tab and then on the Add button to pop up a "Task" window.
      1. In the Task window, give the task a "Name."
      2. Click on the right side of the "Due Date" box to bring up a calendar from which you can pick the date the task is due.
      3. Enter any "Notes" you want about the task.
      4. From the "Contact" list, choose who is responsible for completing this task.
      5. The Event will already be selected as the event you are currently working on.
      6. Click the OK to complete writing the Task.
      7. The task will be listed in the Task tab. When the task is completed, click on the check mark in the gray circle to turn the circle green, to indicate the Task has been accomplished.

Reviewing or Revising an Event

  1. To review or revise an event, start from the Home screen. Click on "Events and Tasks" in the menu on the left. In the right-hand panel, click on the orange triangle next to the event you want to review or revise.
  2. In the Event detail screen, make any changes you want.
    1. To add new pledges, donations, attendees, or tasks, click on the appropriate tab and then click on the Add button.
    2. To revise a Task, click on the Task tab, and then click on the pencil icon next to the Task you want to revise. Make any changes you want in the popup window and click OK.
    3. Note that past-due tasks will be highlighted in red text.
    4. If you want to mark a task as complete, you can do it two ways: Most quickly you can click on the gray circle with the check mark on the line of the task, to the left of the edit pencil. Or, if you are already in the popup window you can click on the "Complete" check box. In either case, when you look at the Task line, the text will have changed to green and the check mark will be in a green circle.
    5. To delete a pledge, donation, attendee, or task, go to the appropriate tab and click on the blue trash can icon next to the item you want to delete. When you confirm your intention to delete the item in the dialog box, the item will be removed.

Deleting an Event

  1. From the Home screen, click on "Events and Tasks" in the menu, and then click on the orange triangle next to the event you want to delete. This will take you to the Event detail screen.
  2. Click on the "Delete Event" button in the Status Bar. Confirm you intention to delete the event in the dialog box. When you click "Delete" the event will be permanently removed.


  1. Tasks for a single Contact, such as an individual or a group, can be reviewed on the screen for that particular Contact.
    1. Go to the Home screen and select "Contacts" from the menu.
    2. Select the Contact from the list in the Contacts column in the right-hand panel.
    3. In the Contact detail screen, click on the "Calls and Tasks" tab at the bottom of the screen. The right half of that tab shows the tasks for that Contact, including the name of the task, the date due, and the event for which it is to be done.
  2. Tasks for the whole organization can be reviewed from the Home screen by clicking "Events and Tasks" in the menu on the left. Tasks appear in the second column in the right-hand panel.
    1. CC NonProfit automatically lists the tasks that are not yet complete. Tasks that are past due are displayed in red text. To see all tasks, including those already completed, uncheck the "Show Incomplete Only" check box at the bottom of the column. Completed tasks will be displayed in green text.

Creating a New Task from the "Events and Tasks" Home screen

  1. Click on the Add button at the bottom of the Tasks column. This will bring up a "Task" window.
  2. In the Task window, enter a "Name" for the task.
  3. Enter a "Due Date" for the task. You can type the date manually in the box, or you can pick a date from a popup calendar. To get the calendar, click on the right side of the Due Date box. Click on the date you want in the calendar and that date will be entered.
  4. Enter any notes you may want about this task in the "Notes" box.
  5. To indicate who is to do this task, click on one of the contacts in the "Contact" list at the bottom left. The background of your choice will turn orange.
    1. If you select the wrong person by mistake you can change your selection by clicking on another Contact.
    2. If you decide you do not want the Task assigned to any person click the "x" in the red circle above the list to remove all selections. (Remember it is often difficult to get a task accomplished if no one is assigned to do it.)
  6. If this task is associated with an event in your organization, you can select the event from the "Event" list on the right. Click on the event and its background will turn orange.
    1. If you select the wrong event you can change it by clicking on another event.
    2. Once an event has been chosen if you want to remove any event from this task click on the "x" in the red circle above the Event list.
  7. Click OK when you have finished.

Marking a Task as Complete

  1. To mark a task as complete, click on the check mark in the gray circle next to the completed task. The both the text of the task and the circle around the check mark will change to green. The next time you return to this list, this completed task will no longer be in the list. (You can display it, and all other completed tasks, by unchecking the "Show Incomplete Only" box at the bottom of the column.)

Revising a Task

  1. Click on the pencil icon next to the task you want to revise. Make any changes you want and click OK.
    1. You can mark the task as complete from the Task popup window by clicking the "Complete" check box.

Deleting a Task

  1. To delete a task click on the blue trash can next to the task. In the confirmation dialog box click "Delete" to delete the task or "Cancel" to leave the task as is.

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